Thursday, June 3, 2010

Im still here.

I havent done anything constructive to the bike in 2 weeks, I simply havent had any money whatsoever to spare. I have the old seat on ebay to sell, I also have the new seat and springs on ebay waiting for my payment. TCI and regulator are in New Mexico waiting on payment, I get paid tomorrow so I will finally get them on the way to me.  Also after scanning Craiglist everyday I may even get a shot at another virago for a good price. An 83, different rear suspention, with a 750 engine. Im going to be very good so I can get that too.

Even though I havent worked on the bike, Ive been thinking and looking for ideas. Reading up on certain issues, and Ive got a pretty good idea where Im going, when I get goin again. Should be next week. Unless I get some welds done this weekend.

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