Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tanks came in

Through the grace of God or Sonny Barger, the tanks arrived at my house today. I had given up after I talked to a supervisor at the other PO this morning. Those guys need to find something other than customer service to spend there time. Anyway, done with them for now.  Tanks look good, not perfect, but good. Especially for the $75 they cost. They are off an old shovelhead, so Ill have to make a bracket, think I got that figured out. Too bad welding hasnt also been figured out. But in due time, or is it do time. I never know. Looks ok, Ill get it sitting just how I want it, or Ill get another tank. Or cut a finger off, or something. This is gonna be ok. Learning more about the TCI thingy. For those that dont know it stands for Transister Controlled Ignition.  So it cant to my knowledge be bypassed, BUT I have exchanged emails with an expert on these things, and he assure me that I could use the one that the ClubChopper member has, Id just have to switch some wires, and he even sent me the diagram. And if that falls through, he has one that he can sell me. So its still on, may just have to sell another guitar to get it. Money is tight lately. Heres a pic, I love pics. more to come.
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